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Established in 1952, Keelung Bus has been serving northern Taiwan for almost 60 years; our routes include: Keelung City, Ruifang District, the North Coasts, Taipei City and New Taipei City. Buses count among the most important public transportation means in Keelung. Most importantly, Keelung Bus provides good quality and safe transportation services in Keelung. There are six lines departing from Keelung Depot, including No.1021, No.1031, No.1051, No.1052, No.1070, and No.9006. These routes cover most of northern Taiwan including Wanli, Xizhi, Ruifang, Fulong, Banqiao and Shilin.
  Our History

In March of 1952, the executive director of Zhanghua Transportation Shiming LU saw the potential of the highway transportation industry in Ruifang Township, Taipei County (Ruifang District, New Taipei City today) and established the earliest predecessor of Keelung Transportation, Taipei Automotive Transportation Co., Ltd., and applied for approval from the Taiwan Department of Public Transportation to operate the Ruifang-Taipei route. At the time, the Taiwan Department of Public Transportion didn’t want to divide the operation of the Budu-Taipei route, and only approved the company to operate the Ruifang-Badu, Ruifang-Shuangxi, and Ruifang-Gongliao lines. The Taipei Automotive Transportation Co., Ltd. put its name on three old buses and took to the roads. The three routes were short, the number of people along the routes was small, so profits weren’t great. The crushed stones on the roads made the surface of the roads uneven, creating an uncomfortable ride, many passengers started to take the train instead, and the loss of passengers lead to a long period of economic losses for the Taipei Automotive Transportation Co., Ltd. In June 1954, the Taipei Automotive Transportation Company announced it was closing. In June 1954, the Taipei Automotive Transportation Company reorganized, much of the leadership was taken over by local Ruifang residents, so the name was changed to the Ruifang Automotive Transportation Co., Ltd., called Ruifang Transportation for short. The center of its operations was Ruifang District. The old buses still remained, and in 1957, after Ruifang Transportation struggled to stay in business for three years, it announced it was closing. In September 1957, Ruifang Transportation reorganized and became the Keelung Transportation Company. A well-known doctor from Hsinchu, Lidong HE, took the office of executive director. The routes of the Keelung Transportation Company were still old and damaged; however, and there was no way to improve the situation. In 1962, the former Taiwan government legislator Jianhe LI provided substantial funding to the company, enabling the Keelung Transportation Company to reorganize, and Jianhe LI was elected as the executive director. While Jianhe LI was executive director, Keelung Transportation streamlined internal personnel and continued to purchase vehicles. The government of Taiwan and Taipei County (now the government of New Taipei City) invested 1.2 million NTD in the reconstruction and repavement of the Ruiba Highway. Keelung Transportation began operating new routes, enabling Keelung Transportation to take a turn for the better. In 1971, Jianhe LI’s eldest son Ruqian LI took his place as the executive director of Keelung Transportation Company. Keelung Transportation continued to add routes, but due to increases in the costs of vehicles and personnel as well as the decline of the mining industry, the amount of vehicles on each route was decreased, the vehicles started to get old and worn down, adding to the cost burden of the Keelung Transportation Company. IN 1982, Keelung Transportation reorganized, the fourth son of Jianhe Li, Rujiang Li took the position of executive director, but the financial situation had not improved. On May 1, 1992, The executive director of Dayou Buses Dongying WU took on the business operations of Keelung Transportation Company. When Dongying WU became executive director, Jianhe LI and his family stepped down from Keelung Transportation Company and the company became incorporated with Dayou Buses.

On September 12, 1994, Keelung Transportation decided to move their headquarters from Ruifang Township in Taipei County to Keelung. Keelung Transportation stated at the time that over the past 40 years their headquarters was located in Ruifang Township, but 70% of their business operations were located in Keelung. [3] In 1996, Dongying WU sold Keelung Transportation to the executive director of Danshui Transportation Company Liangzong LU. When Liangzong LU took the position of executive director of Keelung Transportation, the company became a member company of the Zhonghsing Bus Group. While Liangzong LU was executive director, Keelung Transportation continued to streamline personnel and improve management efficiency, as well as add routes on national high speed highways. The results were notable. In 1996 the company rated first among northern companies in its service review and ranked third in the nation. The company won first in the northern region again in 1998. Currently the main station of Keelung Transportation and its headquarters are both located in the National New City Community of Anle District in Keelung.

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